SLAANC Actions

The South Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (SLAANC) is requesting support for the following:

Action Item – Endorse the South Central NC resolution & letter to City Council requesting the Council to compel the LAPD to release the autopsy results for Omar Abrego and Ezell Ford, killed by LAPD in South Central Los Angeles, one on 69 and Main and the other one 65 and Broadway. – Cliff Smith, Central Alameda NC, and the NC is requesting the residents to write, call and send emails to Councilman Curren Price's office to enlist his support to push this through the City Council

Action Item – Write support letter or vote to recommend to other SLAANC NC’s to submit a letter supporting efforts by LA City Council to impose a moratorium on fracking. – Brett Shears, NANDC , this NC is also requesting residents support.