Pothole Repair Blitz Comes to CANNDU

The Bureau of Street Services scheduled a Small Asphalt Repairs (SAR) truck for the CANNDU Neighborhood Council District to perform small asphalt repairs on 10/14/15. The truck includes two workers and asphalt. The types of repairs they can do include:

  • Potholes and pop outs
  • Skin patching of eroded or cracked areas
  • Some sidewalk and curb repairs
  • Some repairs on concrete streets

If you have an area you would like to request service for, please email Board@CANNDU with the address and type of repair needed. Please send your request by October 9 for the Board to review and submit.


The spots they worked on October 14 included:
817 E 85th St
739 E 85th St
729 E 85th St
843 E 76th St
800 E 75th St
923 E 74th St
7600 S San Pedro St
7501 S San Pedro St
238 E 73rd St
204 E 73rd St
160 E 73rd St
146 E 73rd St
130 E 73rd St
123 E 73rd St

The next time they plan to be in our area is April 19, 2016.