Jordan Downs Annexation In Progress

The nation’s second-largest city may be getting a little bigger.
Save a few dead animals along Alameda Street, cracked pavement and a whole lot of weeds, there’s not much to speak of the roughly 42 acres of county land the city wants to govern.

Jordan Downs Conceptual Design

But that vacant land is to be part of a roughly $1 billion redevelopment plan approved in August 2013 that would transform the neighborhood. The City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee gave preliminary approval to annexing the area, meaning it will become part of Los Angeles, on Monday.

The hash marks show the area to be annexed.

The site would become part of the 118-acre Jordan Downs Urban Village Specific Plan, which also includes the neighboring Jordan Downs housing project. Jordan Downs was made famous as a filming spot in the 1993 urban crime thriller “Menace II Society.”

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The overall project was approved by the City Council in August of 2013 according to the LA Times article: L.A. gives final OK to 'urban village' as Jordan Downs replacement

Find out more about the Jordan Downs Redevelopment Project with fact sheets, presentations and guiding principles.

Jordan Downs Master Plan at the Housing Authority, City of Los Angeles

View a proposed Landscape Design

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