CANNDU Invites Your Participation in 2015

The Community And Neighbors for Ninth District Unity (CANNDU) Neighborhood Council are celebrating a successful year of serving the community in 2014 and planning for the year ahead.

“Our most significant accomplishment this year is being able to communicate with our stakeholders any time of day with our new website,” states CANNDU Vice President Esther Glaze. Now residents and interested parties can easily find out about CANNDU, our board, our agendas, news and community events on our website. Our next step is to reach out via eblasts which we will have in place shortly. We also share important events on our facebook page. Join our community and like our page:

CANNDU created a forum for the community to voice its opinion on alcohol sales. The service station at Florence and San Pedro requested an alcohol license. During several well attended meetings, impassioned stakeholders expressed concern about the detrimental impacts of alcohol on the community. And yet others pointed out that this was an opportunity to benefit a local business, while putting limits on the sale of alcohol, such as cutting off sales at 10pm or not selling individual bottles. Further, it was pointed out that alcohol could be bought right across the street with few limitations. City Councilmember Curren Price’s office took these concerns and is currently addressing the issue.

Our next success was when we carefully considered a request to convert a furniture store into an auto repair shop. Hearing from the community that the neighborhood was already sufficiently saturated with auto repair shops, we created a resolution opposing the request. Our position was upheld by City Planning and the auto repair request was denied.

CANNDU supports the Ascot Public Library funding programs for children and families to promote reading and involvement at the library. Valuing education, we supported our schools in 2014 with new durable benches at 75th Street Elementary, computers at McKinley Avenue Elementary, and sports scholarships at John Freemont High School.

As 2015 dawns bright and new, CANNDU is looking to build more unity through neighborhood clean ups. If you would like to help organize them, please contact

The Community And Neighbors for Ninth District Unity would like to invite you to join us at our meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month, 6pm at the Ascot Library, 120 West Florence Avenue. We want to hear your opinions about public safety, education, land use issues and more! And we always need enthusiastic people to join in our efforts to improve our neighborhoods.