CANNDU Considers Condos: 900-918 E. Florence

Project Update January 2017

The rezoning of this property was approved on September 1, by City Planning, May Sirinopwongsagon, 213-978-1372, to be converted into a 19 lot small lot subdivision as case number VTT-73772-SL. Determination Letter from September 1, 2016. New tract map

Original Article August 2016

New condos are proposed for 900-918 E. Florence and CANNDU Neighborhood Council has been evaluating whether to support the project. The proposal was discussed at meetings on July 28 and August 8. The project was presented by Ryan Chang, Smart Asset Management and Nicole Smith, Horizon Development and Entitlement. They are proposing to construct 19 condo units.

During the discussions at the CANNDU Community Meeting, significant concerns were raised that the condos seem to be marketed to families, yet they contain no children’s play area. Further, the location is along a major commercial street and gateway to the 110 freeway, but there is no fence or enclosure for security or privacy.  The lack of parking spaces was also a concern.  The developers reached out to the community in the design process.

The proposal also was discussed at a City Planning Hearing on July 27, 2016 attended by CANNDU President Stephanie Campbell and 5 other community stakeholders.